Hey Ladies,    

I am actively praying and believing God for lives to be changed and impacted at the That Girl conference. I understand the challenges of women and how we compare ourselves to one another. I really want to see breakthrough for each of you -- in your faith, perceptions, and knowledge of who you are in Christ!

For that reason, I have also invited my friend, Omayra Font, to speak. Her and her husband have been friends of ours for years! I'm personally inspired by her love for the Lord and example when it comes to faith and standing on the promises of God.

Omayra is a power house!

  • She is a wife, pastor, and mother to four girls.  
  • She is the founder and director of New Millennium Women, which develops women through conferences and retreats.
  • She owns a children's boutique in Puerto Rico.
  • She is the Executive Director of Fountain Christian Bilingual School College of Carolina. She is the Director of Avanza Vocational Institute and Director of 89.1 FM Family radio station in Orlando, Florida. 


Her and her husband host a daily radio program called "A Better Day" and she also has a weekly television program called "Omayra." She's written books, learned multiple languages, and constantly pushes herself to do more!

When I hear about all that she's done and all that she continues to do, I literally think to myself "Me-O-Mayra! WOW!"

She understands the challenges of the 21st century business woman and will bring great insight to how our faith impacts our perception of That Girl.

To learn more about Omayra...

I'm expecting big things for you! Love you!



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P. P. S.

Don't forget to check on your friends and make sure they've registered too! If you help sign-up three ladies you'll receive raffle tickets for a free gift at the Book Launch Party happening Friday night of the conference.