Meaningful Gift Giving Ideas

  • A framed photo, drawing or painting of a meaningful place you have lived in or visited with the person you are giving the gift to.
  • A book of family recipes bound or in a notebook.
  • A “first” experience
  • “Open When” envelopes  For ideas go to
  • Buy a new edition of a favorite book you read to your children when they were younger or a new edition of a favorite book of someone you know or the movie of the book.
  • A pendant with an engraved message in your handwriting for someone you  love.
  • Frame a favorite childhood toy in a shadow box.
  • Frame your kid’s shoes, or a little outfit with a photo of him or her wearing them.
  • Make a family history scrapbook.
  • Collect pictures from the year and make a family yearbook.
  • Take a class together. It could be anything from cooking, to Tae Kwon Do, to learning a language or anything. It’ll be a fun memory.
  • Give a charm bracelet with charms that reflect the person or bring back great memories.

Linda Thompson

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