How To Clean Your Diswasher

How often do you clean your dishwasher?  Never?  Well you are in good company!

I will be the first one to admit that I don’t really think about cleaning the dishwasher- it is just one of those things that escapes my attention when I am cleaning the kitchen.  Super gross though when you think about dirty water and gross old food and maybe even mold in that dishwasher.

So here are a few easy tips to keep it nice and clean.



Run a fresh load- either full or empty with hot water.  Once the cycle is finished empty the dishwasher completely.

Remove your silverware tray. Now you want to start giving her a good bath- a simple solution of vinegar and water in equal parts is all you need.  (Vinegar will clean and disinfect as well as help prevent mold and mildew.)  You can also just use hot soapy water.

I found a little yuckyness under the silverware tray (which I don’t always remove to unload) and also around the sides where the rubber is.  You can use a rag, scrubby or a toothbrush to get it nice and clean.  Just go ahead and dip the toothbrush in straight vinegar or use a 50/50 vinegar and water solution.

For any dirty bits you have trouble with you can mix a tiny bit of water and baking soda to create a paste.  Now use a scrubber or toothbrush and that should help get it clean.



Next you want to take a look at the bottom of the dishwasher where the food basket area is. Have a look and see if you spot any food or other debris.  Clean that out with a paper towel.  If you can possibly remove the basket at the bottom, go ahead and do that to make sure you are getting it all.  Don’t take any chances though breaking the dishwasher

You can use toothpicks or a toothbrush or a q-tip or even an eyebrow brush to get into all the little holes.



The next step is to put a cup of vinegar in a cup in the top rack of an empty dishwasher.  Turn it on for a full cycle on the hottest water you can.

The cup will just sit up in a glass in the dishwasher. Instead of the vinegar you can sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher- or if you want to do both you can also go that route.

Once the cycle is done, just take paper towels or a rag and wipe down the inside.

And that is it! All clean!

And one good habit to get into is running hot water down your drain and zipping the garbage disposal on for just a few seconds before you run the dishwasher (every time).