Staying Fit During The Holidays

Here are some keys for not gaining weight during the holiday season.


1. Exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes, plus 10 minutes of warm up and 10 minutes of cooling down. You can also exercise in 10 minute intervals. Park a distance from the store. Use the stairs. Walk through the neighborhood looking at decorations.

2. Do not starve yourself and then binge. This is bad for your heart and bad for your entire emotional and chemical makeup.

3. Eat a little of what you want. Try to eat as healthily as possible and munch on holiday treats in small quantities.

4. Try to keep your stress level low. Stress can make you fat. Try to be as organized as possible. Think ahead. Try to schedule your baking, shopping, gift wrapping, card addressing, partying, etcetera and plan in advance for what you need.

5. Don’t over-schedule. Sometimes this means having to say “no” and not feeling guilty about it.

6. Be organized. Keep a checklist of things to do each day and keep a schedule handy of the activities for the month.

7. Make healthy meals. Cook two batches at a time, one to eat that day or in the next day or so and one to freeze. This helps you to stay ahead of the game and keeps you from eating fast food or junk food.

8. Drink plenty of water.

9. Avoid fruity drinks and eggnog. A glass of eggnog has about 350 calories in it.

10. Include as many fruits and vegetables as you can in your diet. Apples make a great snack.

11. Get some fresh air. It gives your body the oxygen it needs and will help your outlook to be positive.

12. Relax and enjoy your family and friends. The holidays just come once a year. Enjoy the season.

13. Eat a good breakfast, include fiber.

14. When you go to a party, survey the food. Decide which foods will bring the most satisfaction, but do not load up on them.

15. Swap fish for beef or chicken twice a week. A study showed that people who eat fish for lunch ate 11% fewer calories at dinner.

16. Get 7-9 hours of sleep. Sometimes we eat to stay awake.