Everyday Ways To Eliminate Stress

With the holidays coming up, here are a few things that might help to make it less stressful. These ideas can help all year long.

  1. Choose to be happy. It only makes matters worse when you’re not.
  2. Don’t get caught up in judging and gossiping. Be positive.
  3. Be thankful and always be kinder than necessary.
  4. Treat people right. Be kinder than you feel.
  5. Value and respect yourself.
  6. Don’t be a prisoner of your past. Be an architect of your future.
  7. Appreciate the good things in your life.
  8. Allow love and laughter in good times & difficult times.
  9. Take time for a break. Let go and relax.
  10. Don’t try to control. The only things you can control are your choices and your thoughts.
  11. Appreciate what you have while you have it.
  12. Stop worrying. Trust God and be thankful.
  13. Don’t let life’s situations define who you are. Keep growing. Be who God made you to be in Christ.
  14. For the most part, be with people who have the same values as you.
  15. Be with people who want to be with you.
  16. Be honest. Your integrity will always deliver you.
  17. Make sincere apologies when necessary.
  18. Don’t let anger control you.
  19. Don’t argue with argumentative people.
  20. Forgive others.
  21. Focus on your relationships, not on how much money to spend.
  22. If you are entertaining make a timeline list. Be organized and prepared.
  23. Keep things simple. Remember, it’s about people, not things.
  24. Involve your whole family in holiday planning and preparation.
  25. Try to get plenty of rest and eat healthy.
  26. Give out of joy, not out of obligation. Don’t stress your budget. Be creative.
  27. Perform small acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.
  28. Know when to say “no” to a social gathering. You can’t get to every party.
  29. Ask others for help. Don’t do it all yourself.
  30. Take advantage of timesavers. Use caterers, housecleaners, etc., if you can.
  31. Go with a game plan when you go shopping. Draw up a budget and make a list of who you are buying for and what you’d like to buy.
  32. Have the store put together the gifts that must be assembled. It’ll be worth it.
  33. Be positive and happy while waiting in line.
  34. Take care of yourself. Don’t neglect you. Get some exercise. Do things you enjoy.
  35. Prune your to-do list. Ask yourself what would happen if you didn’t do something on the list.
  36. Wrap as you go so you’re not up all night on Christmas Eve wrapping presents.
  37. Do deep cleaning after the holidays.
  38. Be sure to enjoy your home with your family.
  39. Prepare as much as you can ahead of time.
  40. Make a list of items you’ll be baking and buy baking ingredients early.
  41. Sing Christmas songs or anything you like. Singing reduces stress.
  42. Watch a Christmas comedy.
  43. Give a life experience instead of a material item. For example: dancing lessons, theatre or concert tickets, ball game tickets.
  44. Buy some fresh flowers.
  45. Hold hands with your spouse or significant other.
  46. Read a good book.
  47. Be sure to plan a free day…no shopping, just enjoy.
  48. Drink something warm…hot cocoa, coffee, tea, apple cider
  49. Sit by a crackling fire, listen to birds chirping or rain coming down
  50. Shake up your daily routine…eat breakfast for dinner, take a different route to work, change the usual day you do something regularly…
  51. Be sure to have fun.