10 Frugal Leftover Turkey Recipe Ideas

Leftover Turkey Can Be Served In So Many Ways


  1. Use the turkey carcass to make soups and stocks. Both can be frozen in sealed containers.
  2. Dice the cooked turkey and prepare turkey pies and freeze for future meals
  3. Hot turkey sandwiches are delicious! All you need is a thick slice of toasted bread, hot sliced turkey and a good scoop of gravy over top, yum!
  4. Pull out your favorite tuna casserole recipe–replace tuna with turkey
  5. Turkey Gumbo–Heat up a skillet full of left over vegetables and chunks of turkey, drizzle hot gravy over top
  6. Prepare your favorite chicken & pasta dish and instead of tossing in chicken, use your leftover turkey. I haven’t come across a recipe yet that didn’t turn out well
  7. Turkey Pitas, Burritos & Wraps–Just add your favorite wrap ingredients and these will be gone in no time flat
  8. BBQ Turkey Slice–Fry up onions and add cooked turkey and bbq sauce, heat thoroughly. Server over top slices of thick & crusty French or Italian bread.
  9. Easy Turkey Quesadillas–Spread grated cheese over tortillas, top with cooked diced turkey & chopped green onion, top with another tortilla and heat both sides thoroughly in a skillet (use cooking spray)
  10. Turkey Fried Rice–Substitute Turkey for Chicken in your favorite Chicken Fried Rice recipe

Tip: You can freeze leftover turkey slices in freezer bags to use within the next month–just make sure you remove all air from the bags.