Easter Party



This is a good time to have your children invite school and neighborhood friends over for a party where you can share the gospel with them and/or give them something that tells about Easter and the real events surrounding it. Have an Easter Egg Hunt at your home or in a neighboring park. Toward the end of all the fun, ask everyone to sit down so you can tell a true story. In a way that will be interesting to them, depending on their age, explain how Jesus went to the cross, died and rose again so we could go to heaven to be with him. Make sure you mention that no one is good enough to get to heaven because they have been good. You might want to use puppets or pictures to help you tell the story.


  • Decorate with bunnies, chicks, flowers, colorful eggs (plastic or real), baskets; pastel-colored balloons, tablecloths, napkins, cups, streamers


  • Serve carrots with spinach dip (recipe in recipe section) or any dip you like.
  • Make egg salad or deviled eggs.
  • Make white cupcakes with white frosting and decorate with jellybeans.
  • Make sugar cookies in the shape of a cross, bunny, chick, or flower


  • Divide the group into two teams. Ask participants to squat down on the floor. The person at the head of the line has to jump over each player. When he/she gets to the end, he/she must squat down. The person behind them in line does the same thing. Play continues until each person has jumped over their teammates. First team to finish wins.
  • Fill a clear jar with jelly beans. Ask each person to guess how many beans are in the jar. The person with the number closest to the correct amount wins.
  • Pin the tail on the bunny – get a large picture or poster of a bunny. Use cotton balls or make rabbit tails. Blindfold each contestant and ask them to place the tail on the bunny. Person closest to the spot wins.
  • Hide colored hard-boiled eggs or plastic eggs with a prize or little candies inside around the house or yard. Have players find them. Person with the most wins.
  • Divide the group into teams. Give each team a tablespoon and a plastic or hard-boiled egg. Have players put the egg on the tablespoon and race to a designated spot and then back to their team. They are not allowed to hold the egg onto the spoon. Each player proceeds the same way until everyone on the team participates. First team to finish wins.