March Holidays + Entertaining Ideas

March Holidays + Entertaining Ideas


In March, in Chicago the town get painted green, but there are more reasons to celebrate than St. Patrick's Day. I hope you make fun memories with friends and family doing some ideas from these dates.



American Red Cross Month
Irish-American Heritage Month
Music in our Schools Month
National Craft Month
National Frozen Food Month
National Noodle Month
National Nutrition Month
Women’s History Month
Youth Art Month
National Peanut Month
National Grilled Cheese Month
National Celery Month
National Pecan Month
National Soft Pretzel Month
International Idea Month
Umbrella Month
Craft Month
Credit Education Month
Save Your Vision Month
  Second week: Bubble Gum Week



Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
World Compliment Day
Share a Smile Day

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday
National Banana Cream Pie Day
Corn Dog Day
Clean Up Australia Day

National Anthem Day
I Want You To Be Happy Day
National Cold Cuts Day
Alexander Graham Bell born 1847

National Poundcake Day
Hug a GI Day
Mardi Gras
International Scrapbooking Day
Pancake Day

Cheese Doodle Day (aka Cheetos)
Ash Wednesday (Lent begins)

Oreo Day - Oreo Cookies go on sale for the first time in 1912
Frozen Food Day
Michaelangelo’s birthday in 1475
Dentist’s Day
White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

Telephone patent was granted to Alexander Graham Bell in 1876
National Cereal Day
Employee Appreciation Day
World Day of Prayer
Salesperson Day

Working Women’s Day
Popcorn Lover’s Day
Peanut Cluster Day

Barbie’s Birthday (first introduced in 1959)
National Crabmeat Day
Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00AM in the USA

First Paper Money Issued 1862
National Blueberry Popover Day
Dream Day
Pack Your Lunch Day

First Public Basketball Game in 1892
Johnny Appleseed Day
Eat Your Noodles Day
Organize Your Home Office Day

Girl Scout Day
Plant a Flower Day
No Smoking Day
Milky Way Day

Good Samaritan Day
Uranus Discovered in 1781
Chicken Noodle Soup Day
Popcorn Lover’s Day

Albert Einstein’s Birthday
Potato Chip Day

Incredible Kid Day
National Peanut Lover’s Day
Purim begins at sundown

Artichoke Heart Day

St Patrick’s Day
"Eat like an Irishman” Day
Rubber Band invented

First Walk In Space in 1965
National Sloppy Joe Day
Supreme Sacrifice Day

St. Joseph’s Day
Swallows return to San Juan Capistrano
Poultry Day
National Oatmeal Cookie Day
Chocolate Caramel Day

Big Bird’s Birthday
First Day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere)
First Day of Autumn (Southern Hemisphere)
International Earth Day
National Ravioli Day
International Day of Happiness
World Storytelling Day
French Bread Day
Ravioli Day

National Teenagers Day
Single Parents’ Day
Fragrance Day
Children’s Poetry Day
Crunchy Taco Day
Common Courtesy Day
Memory Day
World Poetry Day
1st ever Tweet made on Twitter, 2006

National Sing-Out Day
World Water Day

National Chips & Dip Day

National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
National Cake Pop Day

Greek Independence Day
Pancakes First Made in 1882
Pecan Day
Waffle Day
National Agriculture Day

Make up your own Holiday Day
National Spinach Day
National Nougat Day
Go Birding Day

National Spanish Paella Day

National Black Forest Cake Day

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886
National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

Alaska Purchased in 1867
Take a Walk in the Park Day
Pencil Day
Doctor’s Day

Tater Day
Crayola Crayon Day
Clams on the Half Shell Day


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Purim is celebrated by the Jews from sundown March 15 – sundown March 16. It is celebrated in honor of the Jewish people’s deliverance from being exterminated by Haman the royal vizier to King Ahasuerus. Because of the wisdom of Mordecai and obedience of Esther, the Jews were saved from utter destruction.

The book of Esther, found in the Old Testament is read during this time to remember how God delivered his people from evil. Festivities take place commemorating what God did for them. Other ways of celebrating include giving to the poor, gifts of food and drink, and a celebratory meal. To find out more about Purim go to

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Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent for Catholics and some Protestant denominations. It is observed in commemoration of the 40 days Jesus fasted in the wilderness before starting his ministry. Congregants are encouraged to fast 40 days and to spend time in prayer. The goal of the prayer and fasting is to bring people to repentance and to have a closer walk with God. Ashes from burnt palm branches are imposed on foreheads of the congregants as a reminder that they were made from dust and will return to dust when they die. The ashes are also a sign of repentance since in Old Testament times when people repented they wore sackcloth and ashes. This year Ash Wednesday is March 5th.

Our congregation is observing Lent this year by encouraging everyone to fast. If you’d like to join us, go to for more information.

March Entertaining Ideas




  • Crystal vases and white and green flowers.
  • Use white cut lace for tablecloths.
  • Play Irish music.
  • Have Riverdance playing on a big screen TV.
  • Hang shamrocks, put them on the tables, the walls and any place else you can think of.
  • Place dark pots with candy gold coins in them on tables.
  • Get some Irish flags and put them up and put small flags on the tables and in plants.
  • String green Christmas lights up.
  • Hang rainbows.


  • Serve Irish Breakfast tea.
  • Make a punch with a liter of 7-UP, mixed with a can of frozen limeade made according to the directions on the can. Put scoops of lime sherbet on top.
  • Serve plenty of green food – Broccoli, green beans, peas, celery, zucchini, Green Goddess dressing, guacamole, avocado, cabbage, spinach, all lettuce
  • If a cake has Jell-O as an ingredient, use lime Jell-O. Frost with Cool Whip with green food coloring in it.
  • Make lime Jell-O jigglers.
  • Make green shamrock-shaped sugar cookies.
  • Trivia – Did you know that corned beef and cabbage is an American dish? They do not eat it in Ireland, but don’t let that stop you from serving it at your party.


  • Have an Irish Jig contest or see who can do the Irish Jig the longest.
  • Divide people into teams. Have two black pots 10 or so feet away from the contestant line. Give each player a gold candy coin. Have them stand at the beginning of the line and take turns tossing the coin into the pots. The team that has the most in wins.
  • A variation of this would be to give each person 5-10 coins. Have them toss the coins in the pots. Keep a tally of how many each person got in the pot. The person with the most in wins.
  • Play “Hot Potato”. Gather everyone in a circle. Play some Irish music. Pass the potato from person to person while the music plays. Contestant left holding the potato when the music stops leaves circle. Play continues until one person is left.
  • Play Pin The Shamrock on the Leprechaun. Get a poster/picture of a leprechaun. Place it on the wall. Have a designated spot for a shamrock to be placed on the leprechaun. Blindfold each participant and give them a shamrock to stick on the leprechaun. The person, who puts it nearest to that spot, wins.
  • Fill a large glass jar or container with gold candy coins. Ask guests to guess how many coins are in the jar. Winner is the one who comes closest to guessing the correct amount.


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This would be lots of fun for children and it doesn’t have to be a birthday party.


  • Dr. Seuss books, pictures and Dr. Seuss dolls. If it’s a Barbie party, use Barbie, Ken, Skipper and the rest of Barbie’s family, friends and paraphernalia as decorations. Do the same with Big bird by using Sesame Street characters, dolls, books, pictures…..
  • You might find plates with these characters on them.
  • The children could come dressed like characters from Dr. Seuss, Barbie or Sesame Street.


Dr. Seuss Party Games:

  • Make party hats.
  • Have them go fishing. Make fish out of construction paper and put paper clips on them. Make a homemade fishing pole with a magnet on the end to catch the fish with. Give children 10 seconds to catch the fish. The child who catches the most fish wins.
  • Make turtles out of paper plates and construction paper.
  • Stack the hat game -  Have a stack of hats for each team. Each child on the team places the stack on their head walks to a designated spot and comes back to the next child in line. The team to finish first wins.

Barbie Party Games:

  • I think the best thing to do at a Barbie party is to play dress-up and/or to play with their Barbie dolls. The girls can dress-up, do hair, put on nail polish and maybe a little lip gloss. They can have a tea or play house. You supply what they will need and allow their imaginations to think of the rest. If they are going to play with their Barbie dolls, ask them to bring their Barbie dolls to the party.


Big Bird Party Games:


  • Play songs from Sesame Street.
  • Play musical chairs with songs from sesame Street.
  • Put rubber ducks in a tub with water in it. Write numbers on the bottom of each duck with permanent marker. Have each child pick a duck. Prizes can be awarded for certain numbers.
  • Purchase “Big Bird’s Favorite Party Games” video. Play the games on the video.
  • Play “Big Bird Says”. Ask the children to do whatever motion Big Bird tells them to do. It would be good if whoever was playing Big Bird was dressed like Big Bird or at least had yellow on.


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Invitations + Decorations

  • Send out invitations that have pastel colors, flowers, flower pots, umbrellas, worms, baby animals or anything associated with spring on them.
  • For decorations utilize any of the above mentioned items.
  • For favors: Give everyone potted plants or gummy worms in a clay pot or a packet of seeds in a clay pot or chick Peeps.


  • Make sugar cookies shaped like flowers, butterflies, bunnies, frogs &/or birds.
  • Serve chips, cookies and candy in clay pots lined with cloth napkins.
  • Make a vegetable platter look like a vegetable garden by arranging them in rows.
  • Make ladybug fruit treats by slicing apples in half and coring them. Push chocolate chips into the skin (point-side first). Poke a small hole into the skin first with a toothpick or small knife.
  • Some fruits and vegetables that will be in season are: mango, pineapple, apricot, avocado, rhubarb, strawberry, artichoke, asparagus, collard greens, fennel, mustard greens, new potatoes, spinach, spring baby lettuce, sugar snap and snow peas, watercress, Vidalia onions
  • Lamb is a springtime meat to eat. See our recipes in the food/ recipe section.
  • Serve Chocolate Mud Pie and Mud Parfaits for dessert.


Springtime Scavenger Hunt

  • Have guests go outside and listen and look for these items: Bird singing, Flowers popping out of ground, Newborn animal, Baby in stroller, Screen on window, Laundry hanging out, People at the park, Skateboarding, Bike riding, Dog or cat shedding, Frogs, Worms, Rain, Thunder, Umbrella, Car with window open.
  • This is best if it is played during the day. Put a time limit on it. Person with the most gets a prize.

Flower Pot Toss
Divide group into 2 teams. Place 1-2 flower pots equal distance from both teams. Each member of the team has to toss a small bean bag into the pots. The team with the most in wins.

Singing In The Rain
Divide the group into 2 teams. Have a raincoat, rainhat, boots and umbrella for each team. Members have to take turns running to the spot where the rain gear is, put it on and then run back to the team, take it off and give it to the next person in line. The team who finishes first wins.