Turning a Setback Into A Comeback

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How do you turn a major setback into a comeback?

Let’s look at some people who did….

Steve Jobs, Ulysses S. Grant, Mark Twain, Dorothy Hammill,

James Altucher, Robert Downing, Jr., Brittney Spear, Stanley Kirk, Burrell (aka MC Hammer), George Foreman, Walt Disney, Willie Nelson, Cyndi Lauper & Martha Stewart to name a few.


In the Bible we see people who made a comeback to God. They lived for him and then backslid in some way, but came back with full force….David, Peter, John, Johnmark, Zacaharias, Abraham…


Sometimes the setbacks we have are because of our own negligence or failure. Sometimes they are from something we had no control over, like the loss of a loved one or natural disaster.


No matter what the setback, you can comeback better than before as you put your trust in God and take steps to move forward. Don’t despise the size of the steps, just make sure you are headed forward.


When someone falls spiritually what should they do?

First off they have to recognize their sin. A comeback cannot occur when there is no acknowledgement of wrongdoing.


Once you acknowledge what you did, repentance for it must take place. I don’t mean where you beat yourself up about it. You must realize you did something wrong, that you sinned.  It’s important to admit it and confess it out as sin, but don’t allow condemnation and guilt to control your thinking.


The next step is to acknowledge who you are in Christ. You’re forgiven. It’s forgotten in God’s mind because Jesus bore our sin on the cross. God sees us cleansed and he made us righteous in Christ. Focusing on who God made us to be in Christ keeps us on the right path.


As you meditate on who you are in Christ, your actions follow. You begin to act the way God intended for you to.


Of course, coming back from a spiritual setback requires time given in prayer, bible study and reading, going to church and being with people who encourage you in your walk with God.


Every one of these actions requires faith. You can’t just go through the motions. Find a place where you can latch on and hold tight to it. Ask yourself what you can believe at this point in your journey with God. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a scripture you can meditate on and stand on. It will be a battle, but you can do it because God gives you the strength through Christ.


Ask yourself what you can learn from this setback.
Ask – What was the cause of this setback?
Ask – How did it begin?


Discover which thoughts began to lead you down the wrong path so you can change them. Philippians 3:15 says if we’re thinking different than the way God wants us to, he will reveal it to us. Just ask and he will show you.


Focus on the God-thought that will move you forward. Don’t look at the past. When we focus on the past, we can’t move forward. Did you ever try driving backwards to move forward?


Remind yourself that everyone has setbacks, but don’t compare yours to someone else. We are all different and react differently.


Remember, the fact that you recognized the problem was a step forward. Soon you will begin to see some progress and you’ll be beyond where you were to start with.