What is something God cannot do without? According to 2 Corinthians 9:7 in the Amplified translation, he can’t do without “a cheerful, joyous, prompt-to-do-it giver whose heart is in their giving.”

Christmas is a time for giving, as we all know. Sometimes the purpose of our heart is not to give. Sometimes we give because we have to. Have you ever given somebody something because they gave you something? Many times I’ve heard people say they needed to send someone a Christmas card because one was sent to them. OR how about buying someone a gift because they bought you one?

God’s not looking for us to give without having heart. 2 Corinthians 9 talks about allowing giving to be the purpose of our heart. It exhorts us to give not because we have to and not to give reluctantly, half-heartedly, or unwillingly. It should be a main part of the purpose for living.

God’s nature is to give and if you are a Christian, it’s your nature too. John 3:16 is the most familiar verse in the world. What does it say about God? It says because he loved, he gave. This doesn’t mean we only give to people we love. God gave to us while we were in a vile state, as sinners. God didn’t love that about us, but he loved us and wanted us to be part of his family. The only requirement for it was to receive his son, Jesus as the Lord of our lives. It was to receive his gift.

When someone is given a gift, they can receive or not. They can decide to use it or let it sit on a shelf. It’s the same with the free gift of God in Jesus Christ. We can receive him and allow him to make a difference in our lives, or hear the truth and let it sit dormant somewhere, or say “No, I don’t want this gift.” It seems crazy for us to do either of these things, but we do.

When my husband, Robb, first received the Lord, I said, “No thanks. I’m a good, religious person. I’m not like you.” Then I saw the change God made in Robb’s life. He was a completely different man. It was faith in God that changed him. I realized I needed what he had. He had a relationship with God that I did not have, although I was religious.

Let’s get back to allowing giving to be the purpose of our heart. When we have God’s nature in us, we can give to people we don’t want to because it’s the purpose of God’s heart to be a giver. Our purpose should be to give, not because we have to, but because we get to. What a joy and privilege it is to give to others! 

During this Christmas season allow God’s love to control you so the purpose of your heart is to be a giver like he is.


A lifestyle of Giving

Happy New Year! 2017 will be a great year!  The number 17 in the bible symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory”. I believe this will happen through the power of God and as we can work with him living a life of giving.

What are the two things that many people focus on in January? One is goals. The other is Christmas bills.  At first setting goals can be very motivating. They can be scary too because you don’t want to write anything down that you won’t accomplish or make you feel like more of a failure. It can be discouraging and cause you to pull back from giving. Now is the season to be a real giver and it’s not about only giving money and things. Let it be about giving as a lifestyle. Make a goal to be more of a giver in every area of your life.

Quite often people focus on the benefits of giving and there are many, but they really miss out if that is their focus.

The focus of giving is to be a blessing to others.

What can be more rewarding than bringing other people joy, putting a smile on their face, meeting a need, etc…

While the bills may be rolling in because of the giving you did for Christmas, don’t pull back. When the desire is greatest to pull back from giving is the time we need to give.

Make a decision to have giving be a lifestyle.

Ask the Lord to show you how you can be more of a giver like him. That’s what Christmas is all about. God loved so he gave. Let’s love God so much that we want to be more like him. He is the greatest giver of all time. We have his genes in us if we’ve made Jesus our Lord. As we read the bible we see what a giver he has always been.

2 Corinthians 9 says that God loves, prizes above all things, a prompt-to-do-it giver whose heart is in their giving. I want to be that person. My goal is to become this type of person more and more everyday. My prayer is that you do too.

So while you’re thinking about goals and your bills, join them together to make a goal of being more of a giver. Choose giving as a lifestyle. Ask the Lord to help you be more sensitive to giving of yourself to others spirit, soul, body, financially and socially. Don’t limit your giving to finances or things. Giving as a lifestyle comes in many forms. It’s fun! It’ll bring you joy and bring joy to those you give to.

During the month we will be posting scriptures that I hope will encourage you to move forward in giving as a lifestyle.

God bless you. I pray 2017 is an exceeding abundantly blessed year for you.

Most Important Gift

Most Important Gift

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and my thoughts have gone from thankfulness to gifts. Thankfulness and gifts should go hand in hand. Because we are thankful we should give gifts. We should be thankful to be able to give gifts and be thankful when we receive them. It made me think about what a gift life is and how if we are not thankful, we do not cherish it and are not aware of all the gifts we receive on a daily basis.