A lifestyle of Giving

Happy New Year! 2017 will be a great year!  The number 17 in the bible symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory”. I believe this will happen through the power of God and as we can work with him living a life of giving.

What are the two things that many people focus on in January? One is goals. The other is Christmas bills.  At first setting goals can be very motivating. They can be scary too because you don’t want to write anything down that you won’t accomplish or make you feel like more of a failure. It can be discouraging and cause you to pull back from giving. Now is the season to be a real giver and it’s not about only giving money and things. Let it be about giving as a lifestyle. Make a goal to be more of a giver in every area of your life.

Quite often people focus on the benefits of giving and there are many, but they really miss out if that is their focus.

The focus of giving is to be a blessing to others.

What can be more rewarding than bringing other people joy, putting a smile on their face, meeting a need, etc…

While the bills may be rolling in because of the giving you did for Christmas, don’t pull back. When the desire is greatest to pull back from giving is the time we need to give.

Make a decision to have giving be a lifestyle.

Ask the Lord to show you how you can be more of a giver like him. That’s what Christmas is all about. God loved so he gave. Let’s love God so much that we want to be more like him. He is the greatest giver of all time. We have his genes in us if we’ve made Jesus our Lord. As we read the bible we see what a giver he has always been.

2 Corinthians 9 says that God loves, prizes above all things, a prompt-to-do-it giver whose heart is in their giving. I want to be that person. My goal is to become this type of person more and more everyday. My prayer is that you do too.

So while you’re thinking about goals and your bills, join them together to make a goal of being more of a giver. Choose giving as a lifestyle. Ask the Lord to help you be more sensitive to giving of yourself to others spirit, soul, body, financially and socially. Don’t limit your giving to finances or things. Giving as a lifestyle comes in many forms. It’s fun! It’ll bring you joy and bring joy to those you give to.

During the month we will be posting scriptures that I hope will encourage you to move forward in giving as a lifestyle.

God bless you. I pray 2017 is an exceeding abundantly blessed year for you.

To Goal Or Not To Goal...


With the onset of a new year, goals are something that are on everyone’s mind.

A sad fact is that only 3% of Americans have written goals. Less than 1% review & rewrite their goals on a daily basis. Every article I have read concerning goal setting states that the power of goal setting is in writing them down and reviewing them regularly. This is a scriptural principle.

Habakkuk 2:2 tells us to write the vision and make it plain so we can run with it.

97% of you reading this do not have written goals. Over the years, sad to say, I have been in the 97%. There have been times when I wrote down goals, but I never reviewed them and pushed them aside for different reasons. I am sorry that it’s been that way for me. I know it would have helped me be more focused and I would have accomplished more.

This year is going to be different. I’m writing my goals and am putting reminders on my phone so that I look at them. I know this is not going to be easy since it never has been my habit. I am excited to see what God is going to do as I get up the nerve to write them down and share them with my husband and others. Telling others helps us to be accountable to someone for what we want to accomplish. We become vulnerable.

There are a number of reasons I haven’t written goals in the past. Fear is the biggest factor for me. Fear of failure. This is a silly reason. Isn’t better to have written them and tried to accomplish something, than to not have tried at all? At least writing goals down points me in a direction.

You might be thinking you don’t have to write them down because they are in your head.

WRONG! There are so many thoughts going through our mind, our goals get lost in the shuffle. Staying focused on the goal doesn’t usually happen when they are not written down. I can certainly attest to that.

Another reason I didn’t write down goals was that I didn’t understand how to or why I should. Of course, I never tried to learn how to or why I should. I even thought I was different. I didn’t have to. I wasn’t one of those people who fit in the non-accomplishment category. It was a foolish thought. I could never look back and see what I had written down and say, “I did it.” It’s a great sense of accomplishment to see a finished project that was planned. Most of the time I would look back at my year and see things I did that were good, but it didn’t give me the enjoyment of finishing what I set out to do.

There are many more reasons I could site for why I didn’t write down my goals. I will share one last thought about why…. I felt like the “Goal Thing”, as I called it was, being abused. I saw people talk about goals that I judged thinking they hadn’t gotten their plan from the Lord. I was under the pressure of trying to perform or outperform someone else. Rather than writing down and pursuing what I thought God wanted from me, I didn’t focus on anything. Sometimes we throw out the baby with the bath water.

I hope my transparency has been helpful to you. I want to encourage you to write some goals. Don’t make so may that you won’t accomplish anything. You might want to try starting with a couple and adding more on as the year progresses. The new goals would have different timelines for finishing. Do something that is manageable so you can have a sense of accomplishment. Once you do, I’m sure you’ll wonder, like me, why it took so long for you to start.



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Making New Goals

Making New Goals

A new year marks a time for making new goals. We see it everywhere. Did you know that the Bible encourages us to have goals? The Bible is filled with God’s goals, plans, & purposes for us and for our future with him. It’s important to keep his goals in front of us so we can accomplish his will for our lives and his will in the earth. As we reach our goals, it inspires others to reach theirs.