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Happiness is a choice. It’s how we decide to look at things. It’s saying the glass is half full instead of half empty. How we get to that place is a discipline. It’s not living in a fantasy world. It’s living in reality and finding the best in every situation.

The trouble is most of us try to find happiness in people and in our circumstances. Circumstances change or don’t happen the way we’d like them to and people disappoint us. But there is an absolute from the Bible that will always fulfill our emotional tank if we let it.

Psalm 62:1 states our soul finds rest in God alone. This is an absolute. In our society absolutes no longer seem to exist. For example, there was a time when if you were born with male genitalia you were a boy. If you were born with female genitalia you were a girl. Nowadays, it seems that is not an absolute.

When we find the word alone or only in the bible, to God it is an absolute. Absolute means – complete, perfect, thorough, definite, unquestionable, unconditional; the ultimate reality.

Our soul is our mind, our will and our emotions. In order to find true emotional fulfillment of any kind, we can only find it in God. God is the ultimate reality. As we focus on him and his love for us and who he made us to be in Christ, this makes us happy. We find true happiness in him.

Romans 15:13 says we have joy and peace in believing. As we put our trust in the Lord we find true joy and happiness. It’s not related to people, things or circumstances. It’s based on a real relationship with him.

Psalm 84:12 states,

“O Lord Almighty, how happy are those who trust in you.”

Why is it as Christians we don’t seem happy? I always use Romans 15:13 as my gauge. When I’m not believing God’s word about myself or my circumstances, the joy goes. Worry and unbelief are happiness stealers. Trusting in the Lord causes us to receive and maintain happiness completely.

We have so much to be thankful for and to be happy about. Let’s start with the fact that the greater one lives in us and we get to spend eternity with Him. That’s enough to make us happy for eternity. It’s funny how we will say, “Yes, I know that, but….” I say it to myself, but the fact is there is no “but”. When I’m honest with myself, it’s because my focus is not on who I say I believe in. If it were, I’d be happy.

So today, I’m exhorting you to keep your focus where it needs to be. Get it off of you, others, things and your circumstances. Put your focus and trust in God and your emotions will line up.