What a Man wants


Did you know June is International Men’s Month?  In honor of that, I thought it would be good to devote this month to men and what many men like in women. I’m not asking women to be something they are not, but I believe it will help us to understand and get along with them better.


From my vantage point it seems that the women’s movement has demeaned men. All people need to be respected. No one should be put down because they are not like you, aren’t the same sex, creed, etcetera. They shouldn’t be disrespected because someone like them hurt you or hurt someone you know.


The bible is very clear that we should respect all people. It seems in order for one to look good they have to put the other down. We look our best when we are who God made us to be and walk in it. There is never a reason to put anyone down. Always look for the best in others. My husband says, “The only time to bend down to look at someone is when you’re bending over to help them up.”


With those thoughts in mind, let’s talk about men and how we can relate to them better. I realize these will be generalities, but they will be helpful.


The greatest need men have is to be respected. Unfortunately, as women at times we do not realize when we have been disrespectful to a man. Let’s look at respect from a very basic point of view. Respect for a husband would go further. To respect means to be polite to, to regard, be civil to, to show consideration toward, to be kind to, to be mindful of….


Oftentimes, men react the wrong way toward us because that’s not what they are experiencing. When we make them feel good about themselves and focus on their strengths, to them it is showing respect. Women’s needs are different. They want to feel loved and cared for even when they are in the business world.


So what are some ways we can show respect to men?


Be a good listener. Don’t interrupt them. Let your body language tell them you are interested in what they are saying.


Remember what he likes, especially when it comes to a boss, boyfriend, husband, Dad, brother, son.


Let them try to figure things out for themselves. Men are notorious for not reading the directions because they want to figure it out for themselves. Let them do it. It makes them feel good.

Never criticize a man in public. Constructively talk to him in private.

These are just a few ways to show respect to a man. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook all month for more.