Women Making History

March is Women’s History Month. As I thought about it, I realized we are all making history each and every day. We determine much of the history that will be written and told about ourselves. We don’t know the impact we will have on history. The people whose stories are written about in the bible had no idea the impact they would have on history.

There are five women of destiny mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. They are Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary. I’m sure none of them understood the impact they would have on our lives today. Let’s take a look at their history.

Tamar’s story can be found in Genesis 38:1-26. I won’t get into all the details. You can read the account for yourself. Tamar was the daughter-in-law of Judah; was barren; was widowed twice; posed as a prostitute; was deceitful; had sex with her father-in-law; conceived a child; his name was Perez; She is mentioned in the lineage of Jesus.

Oftentimes, women feel like they aren’t worth anything if they don’t have children. Tamar didn’t have any children after two husbands. Tamar was deceitful, though she was trying to do something right by getting an heir for her husband. In spite of the sin, she made an impact on history because the child was in the lineage of Jesus. We never know where our actions will take us or who they will impact positively or negatively.

Rahab is the next woman mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy. Her story can be found in Joshua 6:17,22-23, Hebrews 11:31 and James 2:24-26. Rahab was a harlot. She put her faith in God when she heard about the God of the Israelites and what he did for them. She helped the Israelite spies. She was very courageous by doing this and put her life and her family’s life in great danger. Hebrews 11 and James 2 talk about her great faith.

Who would have ever thought that God would have a harlot be in the lineage of Jesus? Rahab never realized the impact her decision would have on us today.

Ruth’s story can be found in the book of Ruth. She was a Moabite. The Moabites were descendants of the incestual relationship Lot had with his daughter. They were a very hedonistic society who worshipped Chemosh. Their worship included sacrificing children, adultery, incest, sorcery and prostitution. She married an Israelite; became a believer; became a widow; took care of her mother-in-law, Naomi; walked in integrity; married Naomi’s relative; bore a child who is in the lineage of Jesus.

Ruth could have been ashamed of her where she came from. She moved forward and embraced the God of Israel. She served faithfully and became a part of our history.

The wife of Uriah is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. Her name is Bathsheba. Her story can be found in 2 Samuel 11 and 1 Kings 1. We don’t know if David forced himself on Bathsheba or if it was mutual consent. I tend to believe it was forced because Bathsheba respected her husband, Uriah. She went through the mourning process before becoming David’s wife. Bathsheba got pregnant from their encounter. David had Uriah killed in battle. The baby died. David and Bathsheba conceived again and had a son named Solomon. Solomon is in the lineage of Jesus

The scriptures indicate that Bathsheba had a good attitude toward David and respected him in spite of the sexual sin and death of their child. Many believe Solomon wrote Proverbs 31 and it is about her.

Can you imagine being a teenager, having an angel appear to you and say you were going to be pregnant with the son of God?  That’s what happened to Mary. She received what the angel said. Obviously, she was a godly girl who knew the Torah. She was waiting for the Messiah to come. I’m sure she never dreamed he would come through her. As Jesus grew she didn’t announce to the world who he was, she pondered it in her heart.

I hope you can see by these lives that God uses people who have a past, are victims, barren, widowed and works through those who are godly. He is no respecter of people. Also, we never know the impact we have on people. Our history is being written now. Ask yourself what kind of history do you want to leave. The decisions you make today will be your history tomorrow. God can and will work with you wherever you are at. Decide to make positive decisions based on God’s word so you can leave a positive history when you leave this planet.