June Confessions

I Have Grace And Peace From God, My Father And The Lord Jesus Christ.


1 Corinthians 1:3
Grace To You And Peace From God Our Father And The Lord Jesus Christ.



Every Good And Perfect Gift Comes From My Father God Who Never Changes.


James 1:17
Every Good Present And Every Perfect Gift Comes From Above, From The Father Who Made The Sun, Moon, And Stars. The Father Doesn’t Change Like The Shifting Shadows Produced By The Sun And The Moon.



The Father Himself Tenderly Loves And Cares For Me Because I Believe In Jesus And Believe He Came From The Father.


John 16:27
For The Father Himself [Tenderly] Loves You Because You Have Loved Me And Have Believed That I Came Out From The Father.



I Am Merciful, Just Like My Father In Heaven.


Luke 6:36
Therefore Be Merciful, Just As Your Father Also Is Merciful.



The Father Has Given Me His Love. He Loves Me So Much He Made Me His Child. The World Doesn’t Recognize It Because They Don’t Recognize Him.


1 John 3:1
Consider This: The Father Has Given Us His Love. He Loves Us So Much That We Are Actually Called God’s Dear Children. And That’s What We Are. For This Reason The World Doesn’t Recognize Us, And It Didn’t Recognize Him Either.