Choosing the Right Shade of Lipstick for You

  • Blonde hair with cool skin (skin with blue undertones) – Any bold shade
  • Blonde hair with warm skin (skin with golden undertones) – Pink-reds
  • Dark hair with cool skin – Rich blue-reds, such as wine, burgundy, and blood-red
  • Dark hair with warm skin – Rich brick-reds and ruby jewel-like shades
  • Red hair with cool skin – Delicate orange-red
  • Red hair with warm skin – Warm, fiery reds with brown undertones
  • Dark hair with olive skin – Rich red with orange undertones and bold colors
  • Black hair with brown skin – Berry reds and burgundy reds

Courtesy The Complete Book of Beauty, by Helena Sunnydale


Lip Pencil Tricks

Lip pencils help keep your lipstick in place and help it last longer. In choosing a lip pencil, draw a line on your hand and rub it lightly. If it smears it’s too greasy. If it pulls or flakes your skin, it’s too dry. It is not worth it to buy expensive lip pencils. All you need is the pencil and a sharpener. Make sure you keep the pencil sharpened so that you achieve maximum definition and accuracy.

You can use your lip pencil to create different illusions with your lips. Here are some ideas:

  • FOR BIGGER LIPS: Use the pencil to draw the lips slightly wider on the top and bottom. Layer on lipstick. You can also dab some concealer in the middle of your lips on top of the lipstick.
  • FOR SMALLER LIPS: Draw inside the lip line, then layer on lipstick. Dab a slightly darker shade of lipstick in the middle of your lips on top of your lipstick. Blend it in.
  • FOR STRONGER LIPS: Outline your lips with the same color pencil as your lips. This will give your lips more polish, shape, and definition.
  • FOR SOFTER LIPS: Use a light-shade pencil to outline the lips and fill them in with the same color gloss.
  • FOR POUTIER LIPS: Outline and color in your lips with pencil. Dab on some gloss or shimmer in the middle of your lower lip.
  • FOR PLUMPER LIPS: Apply the pencil. Apply the lipstick. Re-line the lip with the pencil. Lip pencils can also be used to color the entire lip and generally, the color will last longer.

Taken from Beauty The New Basics by Rona Berg


Lipstick Facts

  • You can fix a broken lipstick by heating it with a blow dryer. Simply, reattach it and put it in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Say ahhh...Open your mouth when applying your lipstick...the results will be glamourous!
  • Did you know the best place to test lipstick color is on your fingertips? The texture and color of your lips is most like your fingertips.
  • To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, run your index finger through the middle of your lips and pull it out. The excess will get on your finger, not on your teeth!
  • To create a lip-gloss look, apply petroleum jelly over your lipstick.
  • Get plumper lips by applying cinnamon oil to them. It increases blood flow to the lips.
  • Always use a lip-liner that is close to your lipstick shade. To save money, buy a lip-liner in a neutral shade that matches your lips. It will give you slight definition and no unsightly lines.
  • Create a fuller looking mouth by putting a spot of lightweight concealer on the center of your lips after applying lipstick. Lightly blend the concealer out toward the corners.
  • Apply lipstick with a brush, to get a line around your lips.
  • If you are over 50, you will look better with a cream lipstick, because every bit of moisture helps.
  • Shea butter deeply moisturizes lips.