Hair 101

Hair Secrets

A good haircut is worth the cost. It makes for easier upkeep.

Even if you are growing your hair out, you need to have your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks. It will get rid of split ends and help your hair grow faster.

Animal bristle brushes are worth the purchase. They are porous and help lift the natural oils from your scalp and spread them throughout your hair. This will distribute the oil throughout your hair and give it shine.

Synthetic brushes are good for thick hair and hair that tends to tangle.

Consider a metal brush if you have a lot of highlights. Metal brushes act like flatirons and seal the cuticle.

An oversized paddle brush is perfect for smoothing. It is also good for drying long hair because it grabs many strands of hair at a time.

Choose a blow dryer that is comfortable to hold. A good value is a dryer with 1875 watts. The “cool shot” feature let’s you blast your locks with cool air to seal the cuticle and get rid of frizz. It also helps boost shine.

Shampoo your hair the day before you color it. That way, you will be less likely to have streaks.

Always rinse with cool water after every wash to extend the life of your color. It will make your hair shine, too.

Just as the sun can fade hair, so can curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons.

When coloring their hair, some women think that their color will not get as dark as it is shown on the box if they leave it on for less time than directed. That isn’t enough time for the color to take, and the results leave the hair looking brassy.


Choosing products

  • For shine without grease, look for products containing jojoba or aloe.
  • To get your hair straight, look for citrus ingredients. They help straighten hair and prevent waving caused by moisture.
  • To increase volume in your hair, use products containing polymers.
  • To fight frizz, products should contain proteins.
  • To soften hair, your product should contain silicone.
  • A little styling lotion will add shine to your hair and hold it.
  • If your scalp temperature is hot, use a mint shampoo or conditioner. It will lower the scalp’s temperature.
  • A hot oil treatment makes your hair shiny and manageable. Warm up olive oil and coat dry, unwashed hair with it. Sit in the sun for 20 minutes. Thoroughly wash it out and condition.


Excerpt from 'Bargain Beauty' Secrets by Diane Irons